This book was written more than four decades after the events described in the last chapter. Since then I became a surgeon, Professor at the Tel Aviv University, and Chief of  General and Thoracic Surgery in Shmuel Harofe Hospital and in the Wolfson Medical Center. In the professional field I have good friends all over the world and many grateful patients whose lives I helped to save or to improve. I have written a professional book, chapters for six other medical books and 125 scientific papers.
I am married to Milka and we have four children: Yofat, Dorit (name after my mother), Limor and Avishai Moshe (names after my father and my brother). They are well educated and striving to learn more. They are good children and good citizens. We are proud of them and of our job, particularly Milka's job, in raising them (Fig. 43).

Fig 43
Fig. 43:  The author with his family

My odyssey started because the Nazis wanted to exterminate me and others like me. They did great harm, but they failed. This book would not be complete without mentioning all my relatives, friends, and others whom I remember and who perished in the Holocaust.

My family

Israel Weissberg - my father - shot in the Janowska camp, March 17th, 1943
Dora Weissberg - my mother - Belzec gas chambers, August 17th, 1942
Marian Weissberg - my brother - shot in the Janowska camp, March 17th, 1943
Feiga Weissberg - my paternal grandmother - shot in the Lwow ghetto, August 17th, 1942
Izak Weissberg - my uncle - shot on "Professors Night", Lwow, July 4th, 1941
Mina Weissberg - Belzec gas chambers
Marek Weissberg - my cousin - shot in the Janowska camp, March 17th, 1943
Lola Weissberg-Gersten - my aunt
Bruno Gersten - Lola's husband
Mundek  Gersten - Bruno's brother
Mrs. Gersten - Bruno's mother
Liza Rappaport - my father's aunt - Belzec gas chambers
Ziuta Rappaport-Pistiner - Liza's daughter - Belzec gas chambers
Lieber Pistiner - Ziuta's husband
Salem and Frieda Klinger - my maternal grandparents - Belzec gas chambers, August 10th, 1942
Lorenc Klinger - my uncle - murdered in Pawiak prison, Warsaw, June, 1944
Dr. Josef Klinger - my uncle - shot after being captured in Warsaw Uprising, September 27th, 1942
Erna Wallach-Klinger - my aunt - Belzec gas chambers, August 10th, 1942
Emil Klinger - my cousin, 1 year old - Belzec gas chambers, August 10th, 1942
Mrs Wallach - Erna's mother - Belzec gas chambers
Meshulam and Elka Seidenwerg - Uncle Gabriel's parents
Gusta Seidenwerg-Schornstein - Gabriel's sister - with husband Moshe and children Milek, Izio, and Lusia
Abraham Seidenwerg - Gabriel's brother
Cyla Rapp - Gabriel's cousin

My schoolmates

Henryk Arzt with mother
Marek Bickeles
Artek Buchholz with mother
Jozef Fels
Mariusz Finsterbusch with parents
Izydor Fuhrman with parents
Glucker with parents
Henryk Huss with parents and brothers
Marian Karpel with parents
Henryk Klapp with parents
Henryk Langer
Dunek Losch with parents
Bertold Lower
Milamyt with brothers, sisters and parents
Jerzy Adam Poslawski with parents
Rudolf Spatz with parents
Seweryn (Sever) Streicher with brother Karol, sister Blanka and mother
Mr. Aron Streicher - my schoolteacher - with wife
Ludwik Tott with brothers Ryszard and Henryk, and parents
Juliusz Wasser with father (mother killed in air raid, 1939)
Izydor Weg with parents
Manek Wiesenthal

Our neighbors

Dawid Biller
Jozef Ende with wife and daughter Blanks born in 1939
Szmaragd with wife and two children
Wurm with two daughters (wife killed in air raid, 1939)

Granparents' neighbors

Kleinstein with wife and two daughters (younger: Lusia)
Landman with wife
Stolzenberg (five persons)
Kleiner with wife

Family Friends

Jozef and Roma Abraham
Tamara Abraham with husband and daughter Lusia
Phoebus and Franciszka Gottlieb with daughter Zosia
Mrs. Kahanowa
Dr. Landau with wife
Dr. Fransciszek with wife
Nowerier family with daughter Inka
Alina Orzech
Jozef Orzech
Pawel Orzech
Dr. Segal with wife and son Fredzio
Dr. Stricker with wife
Attorney Steissel with wife Giza and daughter Inka
Dr. Szmajuk with wife and two children
Dr. Vogel with wife and two sons

Neighborhood small business owners

Bogen - book store owner
J.F. Kampelmacher - stationery store owner
Mittelman - restaurant owner - with family
Ozjasz Tell - grocery owner - with family
Wechsler - our barber

My father's employees

Freiwald - the accountant - with wife and two children
Chaim Bogner - the porter
Julek - the errand boy
Artek, Moldau, and eight others (names forgotten)

This list is very incomplete, for many more were murdered. They are not mentioned, because I have forgotten their names, or because I do not know their fate for sure. We simply lost contact as they disappeared.